The Museum of School Life and Education and the Greek Cultural Institute, propose an evening tour at the New Acropolis Museum on Friday, May 4, at 7pm.


During the night tour, small and big secrets will be revealed through a story that will take the participants on a journey back in the ancient times.

The organizers invite the public to come and discover the secrets of the Caryatids, who “come to life” with the help of technology and admire the Parthenon, the Kore, the Kouros and the colored statues.

When: Friday May 4, at 7:00 pm

The Starting point is the Museum of School Life and Education (23 Tripodon street, Plaka, tel .: 210 325 0341).

Termination: Acropolis Museum

Total duration: 2 hours

Tour fee: € 10 per person

Children up to 15 years: € 5 / person (with adult).

Source: ert.grf


Ifaistou 1 & Kykladon
+30 210 3218880
15354, Glyka Nera